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“Marriages that last are marriages that last.” Great wisdom. I don’t remember who said that but I think it was me. It was reported in 1215 that a couple living  in Bradford, England had the world’s longest marriage, 90 years. I don’t where they’re living now. Their wedding day was December 11, 1925,  write in the middle of the roaring 20s and they just went on roaring.

There is no record of the world’s shortest marriage but my bet is it was Julia Roberts in the movie “Run Away Bride.” You remember that instead of saying I do, she didn’t, then tore down the isle, out of the church and propelled herself and her wedding gown onto the running board of a passing Federal Express truck. When a bewildered guest asked her husband, “I wonder where she’s going?” He blandly answered, “I don’t know, but wherever it is she’ll be there by 10 am tomorrow.” No, that couldn’t be the shortest marriage, she didn’t get that far.

Then there are  people who’ve been married 60 years in three tries. Like in Hollywood for instance.

So, let us know about your annivresary.

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