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“To Eat it or not, that is the Question”

Sounds like something Shakespeare might have said. Well, maybe not me thinks. Nevertheless, it’s a question we should all be asking.

Before we get to the meat of it. OK, pardon the corny pun. Ups, I did it again. It’s just food for thought. All right, all right, no more nonsense. What I wanted to tell you about is a great new app (application) that takes the guesswork out of whether or not whats in your refrigerator has gone bad.

Our USDA has made it possible to beat that problem with an app  they’ve named, FoodKeeper. It’s available in iOS and Android. Ask somebody else what that means.

The point here is that annually millions and millions, actually billions of pounds of our food goes uneaten because we don’t trust its quality or freshness once we open the refrigerator door and look at it. The USDA tells us that 21% of the food in America never sees a fork, or a spoon or a knife. Another way to get the picture is to realize that represents 36 pounds a month for each of us.

FoodKeeper is a storage monitoring tool for over 400 items in the food, beverage, dairy products, meet, poultry, produce, seafood and even a variety of baby food categories. It covers nearly the whole farm and ranch and  wherever else we get whatever we eat.

So be sure your are sure it’s edible, before you ed it. I know, I know.

Get all the details at Food Safety


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