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The Yoga Lady

For over 60 years, Australian Bette Calman has been one of the greatest proponents of Yoga in the world. The great grandmother can twist her body in ways that a pretzel couldn’t dream about; but of course the contortions aren’t the whole story.

Yoga is a mind, body, spirit discipline that, when practiced properly can help everyone age well with increased vitality, flexibility, peace and health.

As one of the great leaders in the field, Bette has touched countless people young and old with her great example of what ageless beauty is all about.

She turned to Yoga to help her rejuvenate after long hard days working in the hotel business. She was on her feet most of the day and would come home exhausted and sore. Through practice of Yoga, she became more limber, with greater stamina and going into work more relaxed through Yoga, found that she didn’t feel as sore at the end of the day. The relaxation, focus on health and general well-being from Yoga also helped her practice holistic health. She quit smoking, became a vegetarian and learned to let go of stress.

Through television shows and countless articles she’s been an advocate for the healthy lifestyle of Yoga and also some very sensible advice in general.

She once said, “The secret to aging is to keep on keeping on. When we stop, that is the issue — just keep on!!”

So true! If you’re on the couch watching TV, maybe at least get off the couch and on the floor and try to stretch a little, then a little more and maybe grab a book or video about Yoga and give it a try. It worked for Bette so maybe it will work for you.

Bette can still be found at her Facebook page.

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