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Mobile Homes and Parks

Many seniors are downsizing or just looking for a new kind of home life. In case you’re giving thought to the idea of moving to a mobile home, or you’re just curious about what they offer today, we thought you might want to learn something about that world.

First a mobile home is a manufactured home, is a mobile home. Well not really, although their names are used interchangeably their difference is that a mobile home was built before 1976 and a manufactured home was built after that date when the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development upgraded the required construction standards. To confuse you even further there is the modular home. While all three are built in factories the modular home can not be moved and is much the same as a stick built home.

Now what about mobile home insurance. Is it required? If the mobile home park in which you are leasing the land requires it, then yes, you have to have it. It seems to be  a good idea anyway. You don’t want to be without it if you’re (hopefully never) the victim of a fire or something else that destroys your home and you don’t have the financial resources to replace any of it. In that unhappy event without insurance you’re on your own. But if the park doesn’t require insurance it’s your decision to make. Bottom line, be sure to check the requirements of the park.

OK, that’s all for class today students.

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