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Senior Discounts

We seniors like everyone else are interested in discounts whenever and wherever available. And there are many opportunities. We may not have all the money in the world but business’ are very interested in what we do have. When we get 5% here, 10% there or even 15% it all adds up. We know that restaurants, hotels and retailers of all kinds are among the senior discount givers out there. But we don’t all know that some establishments aren’t announcing it publicly. Makes no sense but it’s true. I called some hotels randomly to find out if they had senior discounts, some did, some didn’t, but one told me, “Only if you ask”. What’s the lesson? Ask!

Here’s one idea for a senior discount opportunity:

Try searching  the internet for companies who buy and sell gift cards. The chances are a lot of us have received or purchased them before but we may not have thought of looking for the most cost efficient place to buy them.

Maybe you have one or more gift cards gathering dust in a drawer or hiding in a shoe box or whatever, and you’ve never used them and perhaps never will. If you didn’t know, you can sell them. Do an internet search for companies who buy gift cards. Here’s one:

Gift Card Granny

If you go on the internet and ask for companies that provide senior discounts in you’ll find plenty.

For military veterans the discounters are numerous. But you’ll need proof of your service. It not very practical to carry you discharge papers around with you but the VA will provide you with and identity card. The ID card is issued to military veterans who are eligible to receive medical care from the VA. Contact your local VA medical center for more information about your eligibility. Some states offer a veterans designation on drivers licenses or state issued ID. Ask if yours is one.

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