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About our Dogs

Bumper sticker words of wisdom “Be the person your dog thinks you are.”
If you have ever had a pet you know the joy they give you, dog, cat or otherwise. Their love we also know is unconditional. Their companionship is personal to the nth degree and their understanding defies explanation. By understanding I mean both their compassion and their literal understanding of what you are saying to them. That part is remarkable to we superior humans (pardon me while I chuckle). They become apart of us, an immeasurably important part!

So they deserve the same loving care in return! The follow are things we’ve picked up in our research:


In this article we’ll focus on your Dogs healthy nutrition. Of course everything depends on a dogs size. Puppies, the Vet world says, in the range between 12 and 13 pounds should consume 56 grams of protein and 21 grams if fat every day. don’t forget that little ones food ingredients should contain fiber and at 10 pounds he or she should put away 990 calories daily.

Now when Fido, or Fidett (I made that word up)  becomes an honest to goodness grown up it all changes of course.

A 30 pound dog only needs 25 grams of protein and 14 grams of fat. You could have fooled me.  The recommended calorie count for a busy dog is  350 to 400  daily for every 10 pounds it weighs. For a quieter dog its 250 to 300. Pregnant and nursing dogs should have more caloric intake.

senior-dogWhen we get to senior dogs, generally none to ten, don’t let them get overweight. And Kidney problems are more apt to occur. In that case it should have its phosphorous levels in its food monitored. They are less active too, so fewer calories are in order, say 200 to 300 a day for every 10 ponds of weight.

Because older dogs are less active they can have constipation problem. Be sure their food is high in  fiber. You want those with four to five percent by weight.

Just food for thought.




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