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Pet Peeves are not to be confused with Pets

I bet you have pet peeves. I have them. We all have them. So, let’s get them off our chests. My number one pet peeve is food packaging for potato chips, and the like, that makes you think you’re buying a full  bag of the morsels. But…since the bags are opaque you can’t see inside. Well,  guess what  my goodness. The bag is only half full. Kind soul that you are you think the machine that fills the bag must have malfunctioned. Sure you do…like night is just day without light. There was a time when the bags were really full, remember. You’d think it would cheaper to just buy smaller bags. But, I keep right on buying a half bag of a  full bag of potato chips, grousing and grumbling every time.

Here are some other pet peeves. If your’s isn’t on the list send it along to join the parade.

  • Chewing with mouth open
  • Throwing trash out car window
  • Cell phone driving
  • Talking in movies when not part of the cast
  • Tailing gating
  • Coughing and not covering
  • Men wearing baseball cap backwards if they’re not a catcher
  • Not coming to full stop at stop sign
  • Blasting music in a car
  • Line cutting in
  • Taking half of two adjacent parking spaces
  • Being interrupted
  • Question meant for you answered for you
  • Standing in checkout line with one item behind a loaded cart
  • Waiting in doctor’s office

So have at it. We must have missed one of yours.

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