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From Kitten to Cat

You’ve heard it said I suppose that a dog is a pet and a cat is a guest. That’s like so many myths, such as cats and dogs don’t get along. I grew up believing that until I started seeing people who had both and they were like two peas in a pod. Yes, cats can be on the independent side and dogs will come when you call them. But a cuddly, snuggling, soft, furry, purring cat is another kind of joy. A Feline pet is “the cat’s meow.”

So how should we care for these little friends?

I did a little checking and found that, high quality cat food is important for them, royalty that they are.

To keep their hearts strong and their eyes in good health they must have taurine, andog-and-cat essential amino acid.

You’ll want there food to be balanced for their age. If it is it will contain taurine. One of life’s little mysteries.

Watch the water. Keep it plentiful and clean and clean for their bowls too.

Then there’s the treat thing. It’s tempting to just keep on giving, but less is better. Limit them to only 5 to 10% of their daily food intake.

ATTENTION: When their cat (kitten or cat) isn’t eating well a lot of owners  like to give them baby food. Watch it. Check the ingredients. If it has onion or garlic powder, your cat could be poisoned!

Take your little pal to the vet if symptoms of anorexia, diarrhea, lethary or vomiting continue for more than two days.

kitty-brownBelieve it or not cats hardly ever need a bath. Low maintenance little things. But, you have to comb their fur often, not a bad trade off.

Handling is another thing to do right. To pick up your cat start with a hand in back of its front legs and the other to the rear of its rear, if you will, and lift nice and easy. Do not…do not grab it by the back of the neck, for sure.

It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway. Make sure your cat has a nice warm bed in yours and his/her’s home. Wash the bedding regularly, they deserve the same fresh and comfy bed you want for yourself.

kitty-peekabooTry to make it an indoor cat. They live longer, lots of danger outdoors. But if you must let your cat out be very sure it has a proper identifying collar.

Do I really need to say this? Give your cat an easy access litter box and be nice, clean it daily.

Read this, do this and you furry pet will love you all the more!



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