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Carlsbad Inn

Nighttime view of Carlsbad in 2006On the Southern California coast right up against one of the most inviting beaches you’ll ever see is one of the most out of this world picturesque little resort towns you’ll count your lucky stars to have found.  It seems to appear almost out of nowhere like Brigadoon. But, fortunately you won’t have to wait a hundred years to see it, because Carlsbad is ready in all its glory right now, to spoil you every day of every year.

When you drive a mile or two off the freeway toward the beach it suddenly jumps up before your eyes and you almost gasp at its beauty, especially if you arrive at night as we did. Every building is like a dollhouse, they and the streets they straddle are lit in a warm glow like so many individual paintings primping for your gaze.



One  of those glorious buildings is the magnificent Carlsbad Inn, shown below. It’s a truly charming hideaway where you feel like you’ve left this world for a version of Shangri-la. Put it on Your travel list! In the meantime visit its website for the rest of the magical story: Carlsbad Inn.


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