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Ride the rivers

Columbia River Gorge Portland, Oregon

No,no…not the rapids, the rivers. Gently drift along soft blue waters as you wind through some of the most beautiful of natures scenes, a succession of paintings you wish you could frame and take home. Move slowly and quietly past some of the worlds most magnificent architecture and experience some of its lasting history.

You are on a floating hotel so you go to sleep with the soothing sounds of the water you glide on. You dine in a restaurant where the meals and the service are special and personal. You meet new friends as delighted as you are with the magic mood of this restful and yet exciting adventure.

Whether its on Germany’s Blue Danube with its castles  looking at you from the shore, the Mississippi with its memories of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, or any of the many equally enchanting rivers of the world they’re all there waiting for you.

Chicago River Cruise

Let’s look at river cruises in the U.S.A. There are many choices. For example, in the East. you can navigate the St. Lawrence Seaway between the borders of New England and Canada, travel the Chesapeake Bay, or take a trip on New York’s Hudson River.  Out West in Oregon you can choose between the Columbia River and the  Snake Rivers. They’re all rivers but what a great variety of beautiful country the they travel.

Most of the ships are of the more intimate size, usually with about a hundred passengers. Not so crowded you feel like a number not a person and theres an easy get to know you feeling on board. The pace, like the rivers, is slow. This is Old Man River time. You… “just keep rolling along.”

So, that takes us to the Mississippi. The Mark Twain mood. I’m sure you know his real name was, Samuel Langhorne Clemens. Maybe you didn’t know his middle name, or possibly that he took the name Mark Twain because that’s what the ships crew yelled when they were checking the river depth. So much for trivia that you probably knew anyway. But, the point is only on the Mississippi do you relive its special folklore. If that’s your thing then here’s something about a cruise along its historic route..

Paddling the Mississippi

Imagine yourself on board the Queen of the Mississippi. Listen to the water gently slapping  the paddle wheel as it turns soothingly round and round while the romantic shore line turns too, slowly but steadily into one magical scene after another. OK, you get the picture. Give me the details…Right.

Your host for this cruise is American Cruise Lines. You’ll have large staterooms with private balconies from which to leisurely watch the river go glide by. The bathrooms are hotel-style, there’s complimentary room service, WIFI and more. The Queen (built in 2015)  is a literal recreation paddle wheeler. Take your choice of cruises that sail different sections of this great American river.

Stay close, we’ll be talking about other great river cruises too!



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