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Hana Kai Maui

 As you start your drive on the Hana Highway in Maui to the truly magical town of Hana you will begin a journey that will astound you as you seem to move deeper and deeper into another world where the wonder of nature is everywhere. The tropical rain forest, the waterfalls and the quiet beauty of it fill you with awe. And you haven’t seen the best yet. At the end of your spectacular ride the inviting Hana Kai awaits you. You’ve arrived at your own personal piece of paradise.

You’ll stay in the private condo of your choice overlooking beautiful Hana Bay from Waikaloa Beach. You’ll feel it was all put there just for you. The condos are decorated with the flavor of the islands so the timeless mood is unbroken. Be lulled to sleep by the gentle sounds of the ocean lapping at the shore.

Then the fun begins. Hike the trails and become a part of the inspiring landscape. Find the waterfalls and water caves. Take to the saddle and let your horse show it to you. See it from motorized gliders. Hang glide over the countryside. Have a refreshing massage in your room or just read a good book while you absorb the serenity. Dine at home or in a fine restaurant in Hana. While there visit the Kahanu Gardens and the largest temple in Hawaii.

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