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Tanque Verde Dude Eanch

Preparing for a Tanque Verde Ranch ride

Tanque Verde Ranch in Tucson, Arizona is a wonderful place to be a part of the rugged beauty of the American southwest. And it’s one of the best places to enjoy a really special western hideaway. When you arrive you step out of your regular world and are immediately transplanted into the quiet pleasures of the great outdoors. It’s all accomplished with a satisfying combination of simple luxury and down home comfort.

And there’s much to do, so just take your pick and get at it. Maybe you’ll want to get close to nature with a guided hike in the spectacular Sonoran Desert. If adventure is in your plans add wheels with mountain biking. The sites will amaze you. There’s no more satisfying way to connect with the open country than in the saddle, so don’t miss the pleasure of riding one of Tanque Verde Ranches 180 horses on guided tours through desert and mountain trails.

There’s tennis, fishing swimming and dancing, or skiing in the in the winter. After all of the above the refreshing and rejuvenating spa awaits you. Then too there is the absolute joy of just unwinding, relaxing and soaking up the incredible atmosphere.

The ranches master chef will surprise and delight you. You’ll sleep contentedly in the desert night in comfortable and beautifully decorated rooms drifting off with majestic views of the mountains and desert.

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