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Crafty In Santa Clarita

Knitting is one of the “old fashioned” things that brings us closer. It’s a perfect activity for seniors:

It doesn’t cost much, even still, we are sure the local senior center would appreciate it if you drop off some extra knitting materials or a few dollars to help buy some.

Knitting can be used for therapy to help manage pain, to stave off depression by helping people connect and interact. Of course knitting is great while alone – it can help you relax and actually lower  your blood pressure and heart rate. The joy of giving is even more special when you give something that took so long to make and took such effort and concentration. Anyone can go to Amazon and buy a gift and of course any gift is nice and it’s the thought that counts; but a knitted item is worthy of being kept and cherished and so the joy of giving is greater still.

Knitting helps keep you young. That fine motor coordination required fires all the right neurons for health brain “exercise.” Medical studies have shown that regular practice of fine motor coordination can help keep dementia at bay.

Knitting is a perfect activity to form a community around and community is what it’s all about at a senior center – knitting can be a good excuse to see friends and make new ones.

If you find yourself in the Santa Clarita Valley you might find our inspiration for this story. The Santa Clarita Valley Senior’s Center is a great example of service to the community in so many ways; and their knitting program is but one.

The Santa Clarita Senior Center ladies create fabulous items – knitted hats and blankets, pot holders, sweaters, embroidered items, quilt,s you name it.  Their crafts help raise money for a variety of causes but the time spent together is the most priceless reward.

If you are lucky enough to see one of their table sales around town, then buy a handcrafted treasure! You’ll walk away with something made with love and surely supporting good causes.

If you have yarn or related supplies to donate you can call the center at 661-259-9444 for details. SCV Senior Center’s Arts and Crafts group meets Monday mornings at 9 a.m.



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