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DA warns seniors about ‘money mule scam’… click

Santa Clarita Valley SignalDec 27, 2017
In the Money Mule Scam, criminals advertise or directly offer their targets lucrative work-at-home jobs as “money-transfer agents.” These ads usually state that an overseas company is seeking local representatives to act on their behalf to avoid high transaction charges or local taxes. Courtesy Photo | LADA.

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TRIAD working to keep seniors safe in Chesapeake…click

Virginian-Pilot4 hours ago
Chesapeake TRIAD is a partnership between local law enforcement agencies – police, fire, sheriff – senior citizens and senior organizations. … Robert Branc, a retired Coast Guard captain, has been chairman of the Chesapeake SALT (Seniorsand Law Enforcement Together) and TRIAD Committee for …

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Berlin sets up holiday hotline for lonely seniors…click

Deutsche WelleDec 27, 2017
I’ve also been a senior citizens’ representative here in Berlin for six years now. During that time I’ve been studying age and the corollaries of age very intensively. At least every third elderly person complains at least occasionally of loneliness. Their social networks start to thin; relatives, acquaintances and …

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WebMDDec 26, 2017
TUESDAY, Dec. 26, 2017 (HealthDay News) — Seniors are wasting their time and money taking calcium and vitamin D supplements to ward off the brittle bones of old age, a new review concludes. It turns out there’s little evidence supplements protect against hip fractures and other broken bones in older …

PBS NewsHourDec 27, 2017
Editor’s Note: Journalist Philip Moeller is here to provide the answers you need on aging and retirement. His weekly column, “Ask Phil,” aims to help older Americans and their families by answering their health care and financial questions. Phil is the author of the new book, “Get What’s Yours for Medicare,” …